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Release of Korea Map of Yacht Sailing Route

KHOA has published a new edition of Korea Map of Yacht Sailing Route containing yacht routes in Korea and latest marina information.

Yachts are emerging as a new small-scale leisure activity due to social distancing caused by the pandemic. Seeing this trend, KHOA has put together various yacht information from basic knowledge to selection of routes into a publication so that even beginners can enjoy yachts conveniently and easily.

The publication depicts yacht routes in the Republic of Korea on chart-based sheets, allowing users to select routes by estimated time and lists latest marina information for yacht repair, supplies and mooring. In particular, this second edition features QR codes which show aerial videos of beautiful marinas, procedure for entering and departing ports, information on operator’s license tests, and safety rules and is available in English and Korean versions.

KHOA hopes that the publication will help all yacht lovers enjoy marine leisure activities safely.