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Category "A" Master of Science Programme in Hydrographic Science

The Republic of Korea (ROK) sponsors a Master of Science Programme in Hydrographic Science at the University of Southern Mississippi (USA), recognized at Category "A" level by the FIG-IHO-ICA International Board on Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers (IBSC).


  • The purpose of the programme is to provide students with technical and practical expertise in advanced hydrographic methods and standards that will enable them to assume leadership roles in using modern techniques engaged in hydrographic activities.


  • This is an accelerated one-year track, with two periods of classroom lectures and practical exercises and one period of application, combining for about 50 continuous weeks of study.


One Year Degree Programme
Fall Semester
HYD 600 Classical Geodesy
HYD 607 Oceanography for Hydrographers
HYD 608 Practical Hydrographic Science
HYD 609 Nautical Science
HYD 620 Math Concepts for Hydrographers
HYD 668 Applied Ocean Acoustic
Spring Semester
HYD 601 Hydrographic Data Management
HYD 604 Kinematic Positioning
HYD 605 Applied Bathymetry
HYD 611 Remote Sensing for Hydrographers
HYD 612 Water Levels
Summer Semester
HYD 603 Law & Policy for Hydrographic Science
HYD 6046 Nautical Cartography and GIS
HYD 610 Hydrographic Science Field Project

Timetable for the selection of applicants

A typical timetable for the selection of applicants can be seen below.

(Y: Year)

Deadline Action Responsible
August Y-1 Issue Circular Letter calling for applications IHO Secretariat
January Y Complete required documentation for application including TOEFL (or IELTS) tests Candidates
January Y Submit candidate application to the IHO Secretariat Nominating Authority
January Y IHO-ROK Selection Board meeting IHO Secretariat, ROK
February Y Issue notification letter to the selected candidates and request for the affidavit IHO Secretariat
February Y Send signed affidavit to the IHO Secretariat (digital copy via e-mail) Selected Candidates
February Y Issue letter of financial support for the Selected Candidates IHO Secretariat
February Y Issue Circular Letter for selection results IHO Secretariat
February Y Finish online application to the USM Selected Candidates
March Y Issue invitation letter (I-20) for F-1 visa to Accepted Students USM
April Y Send copy of visa and passport to the IHO Secretariat Accepted Students
April Y Provide air tickets to the Accepted Students IHO Secretariat
July Y Transfer the funds to the USM account IHO Secretariat
July Y Provide the Accepted Students with start-up cash for settling in IHO Secretariat
August Y Report to the USM Campus in the USA Accepted Students
August Y+1 Recognition Ceremony at USM Campus Accepted Students