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Release of KHOA S-100 Viewer

Following the endorsement of the S-100 Roadmap for the S-100 Implementation Decade (2020-2030) version 1.0 at the 2nd Session of the IHO Assembly, we are very pleased to inform that we have released the KHOA S-100 Viewer.

The KHOA S-100 Viewer setup file, seven types of S-100 based test datasets - S-101 ENC, S-102 Bathymetric Surface, S-111 Surface Current, S-122 MPA, S-123 MRS, S-124 NW and S-127 MTM - and a user manual have been made available from 15 March 2021 from here. The Viewer considers latest standard requirement in the S-100 products, rapidly reflects and updates standard changes and technical issues, and is used not only for testing S-101, but also for various data of S-100 series data (vector, grid). It also allows simple editing of S-100 series data for attribute and spatial values.

We hope that the Viewer will be widely used by IHO Member States and the industry to test their S-100 based hydrographic products. We believe the release will lower the technical barrier to the development of S-100 standards, making it easier for all Member States to join the S-100 world, and would like to continue to improve it with feedback received.