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Korea Hydrographic and
Oceanographic Agency

Primary functions

  • 1 Conduct hydrographic survey, ocean observation and produce nautical charts and publications for safe navigation
  • 2 Manage and operate the oceanographic infrastructure – Korea Ocean Observing Network and ocean satellites
  • 3 Ocean forecast and research by collecting, analysing and evaluating ocean data
  • 4 Project mid- and long-term ocean phenomena using numerical ocean models
  • 5 Conduct international cooperation including the International Hydrographic Organization and promote Korean undersea feature names and the use of the East Sea
  • 6 Operate the Ocean Data Center to produce ocean data and manage its quality systematically


  • 1 Improve the accuracy of ocean forecast and strengthen the support system for marine accidents
  • 2 Provide ocean information suitable for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digitalization
  • 3 Build an advanced hydrographic and oceanographic infrastructure by combining smart technologies


  • 1 Create new ocean industrial opportunities with digital ocean information and data
  • 2 Provide customized ocean information to the public
  • 3 Three-dimensional observations and predictions across our entire seas
  • 4 Establish a problem-solving response system for the safety of the public
  • 5 Strengthen international cooperation to contribute to the global hydrographic and oceanographic communities