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Tidal observation

'Tidal observations' mean continuous observations of regular eustatic sea-level changes caused by tide generating forces such as the sun and the moon and the atmospheric pressure, winds, and more. Currently, our administration observes tides with buoy systems, ultrasonic level measurement, pressure-sensitive systems, and more.

Tide Station

We at the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration observe tides of main seashores in Korea every minute or every ten minutes, and provide users with the information in real-time through our website.

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Tide Gauge

Observation data are used to calculate the rate of sea level change, along with statistical data on tides, such as high/low tide levels, the highest/lowest water levels, and average sea level on monthly and yearly average bases, and appropriate statistical/analytic methods in a certain period (a month, a year, ten years, one hundred, etc.).

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Tide Observation

The observation data are used to publish tide tables including forecast values about the time of high/low water and tide levels on a daily basis with respect to main ports and coasts.

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