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Current hydrographic surveys and plans

With respect to main ports (31 trading ports, 29 coastal ports, and 109 national fishery ports) and sea routes in Korea where artificial or natural changes are frequent, we at the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration have conducted periodic surveying over periods ranging from every year to every eight years. Moreover, the results of hydrographic surveys conducted by means of the multi-beam, single beam, and side-scan sonar are used in producing nautical charts and electronic navigational charts.

Hydrographic survey plan (2014)

Project Area
Detailed hydrographic surveys in ports Gunsan, Janghang, Pyeongtaek, Dangjin, Daesan,
Taean, Boryeong, Sokcho, Jeju, Jinhae
Gageohyangri, Sangwangdungdo, Kukdo
Ayajin, Geumjin, Deoksan, Jangho, Jukbyeon, Osan,
Gusan, Imwon, Hyeonpo, Namyang, Daebyeon