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Needs and Goals

  • 1 Coastline surveying & DB construction
    • Provide the same datum line for nautical and bathymetric charts and define coastlines, and the references of boundaries in Korea’s jurisdictional seas so as to reestablish the length, area and configuration of the territory.
    • The growing marine sports and leisure activities require diverse information on waterfront spaces including coastal ports. Thus, good-quality coast information service should be provided to people.
    • Provide diverse materials about current state of support for coastal ports, the environment, and ecosystems.
    • Estimating changes in coastlines; inquire into causes of coastal erosion; manage coasts; and provide basic data for academic circles.
    • Prepare evidentiary materials for the standard of every administration relevant civil complaints and for the registration of non-registered land as state-owned land.
    • Provide information needed in planning coastal disaster prevention, coastal maintenance and management by building coastal surveying data as database so as to realize IT-based digital territory.
  • 2 Build marine geology information systems.
  • 3 Establish marine policies and national geographic information systems → Realize integrated coastal management.


Inquiry surveying

  • Control point surveying
  • Leveling
  • Topographic surveying
  • Sounding
  • Geological survey
  • Tidal observation
  • Geographic survey

Database construction

  • Analysis and classification of original data
  • Listing of layer-based classification systems
  • Input of data in graphical form
  • Conversion and input of property data
  • Summarized data input
  • Chart production

Coastline survey flow chart

Use of results
  • Control point surveying
    • GPS survey
    • TS survey
    • Coordinate acquisition
  • Leveling
    • Detailed leveling
    • Z-coordinate acquisition
  • Topographic surveying
    • GPS/TS surveys
    • Airborne laser scanning
    • Digitized geographic information
  • Sounding
    • Echo sounding based
    • Digitalized sounding information
    • Sea-bottom sediment survey
  • Tidal observation
    • Temporary tide station operation
    • Control connection point
    • Tide level modification
  • Geographic survey
    • Offshore ecosystem plus 8 items
  • Home position edition
    • Automatic drafting system, Hypack, TYCAD, Auto CAD

Survey drawing production

The results of self-inspection have met the range of tolerances

Landsat imagery data
NGIS numerical maps
company-owned data

Database development

System development

Use of results

Use of results

Expected effect

  • Secure detailed coastline data Secured data about the first practical detailed coastline surveying can be used as basic data for MGIS and NGIS projects.
  • Delimit the datum line of the territorial waters Accurate limits of the approximate lowest low water, mean sea level, and approximate highest high water are delimited because they are the standard of marine boundaries such as the baseline of the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone (EEZ), fishery resources protection areas, the limited boundary of a continental shelf, the boundary of land and the sea, and more.
  • Lay objective evidence for administrative actions It is possible to suggest objective evidence for legitimate administrative actions, including permission for occupation and use of public waters, licenses for land reclamation, and the recognition of land slipped by caving. Also, it is possible to readjust coastal land and register millions pyeong of non-registered land as state-owned land.
  • Realize integrated coastal management It is possible to contribute to integrated coastal management by developing management systems suitable for integrated coastal management and maintenance projects to produce electronic navigational charts and coastal area maps and monitor coastline changes.