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Test Center for Marine Investigation Equipment

As the sea does not have apparent topographical features like land while the water depth varies depending on the region, the maps based on a vertical reference plane have been used for the sea, which is different from the land. For navigation safety, it is necessary to obtain three-dimensional and reliable data on the tidal current, tides, navigational obstructions, etc., as well as undersea terrain through various marine investigations.

To this end, the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA) built a large-scale towing tank and related equipment and created a condition which is similar to the actual undersea environment. Then, a system is established to conduct performance evaluation on various marine measurement equipment, such as an echo sounder, hydrometer, and tide gauge, and to perform additional ocean-related experiments.

Status of established equipment

Artificial wave system (wave generator and wave energy absorber)

  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional regular/irregular artificial wave system
  • Test of offshore buoy self-reliance and resilience
  • Sailing experiment with a model ship, etc.

Precise towing procedure

  • Both attaching various marine observation equipment and towing them precisely are possible.
  • Performance Test of Multi- and single-beam echo sounders and ADCP (hydrometer, current direction indicator)

Test System of Tidal Gauge

  • Stability and precision tests of Tidal Gauge

Towing Wave tank

  • It is classified into the towing tank with a depth of 5m and the deep-sea tank with a depth of 10m.

Hoist crane

  • Rated load of 5 tons, Travel distance of 60m
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