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Marine spatial information base maps “Hae-arum”

We are pleased to introduce our marine spatial information base maps “Hae-arum”. Hae-arum is a smart base map based on ENCs incorporating marine and land information and displays various information from private and public systems such as depths, bathymetry, dangers, traffic, (marine) geographical names, facilities and buildings. First developed in 2015 as prototype base maps, it commenced the service in 2016 and has been expanded by adding ENCs, coastlines, paper charts base maps and so on to meet users’ requirements. The steps taken were processing acquired data, selecting and setting the order of layers, and processing the data.


Hae-arum available through open APIs can be re-processed to fit the user’s service and used for developing new services and programs. It has multiple applications in both public and private services including fisheries, weather, marine disasters and leisure sports. Here are some of our services which use Hae-arum: